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Welcome to another post by DWLG related to our Aluminiun Bi-folding Door Repair Service in Tooting, London, SW17.



Here is the full specification report of the Aluminium Bifold Door Repair Service provided by our professional Door Repair Engineers in the Tooting London SW17 area.

Door Grade: Exterior.

Door Material: Aluminium.

Door Type: Bi-folding.

Door Pattern: 1XG Double Glazed.

Lock: GU Multi-point Door Lock.

Handle : Debar Verso.

Door Finish: Powder Coated Sating Grey.


Aluminium Bi-folding Door Repair

Upon inspection of this aluminium bi-folding door set, our engineers discovered that the doors did not operate correctly whilst moving along the bottom track. It was quickly determined the cause of the problem was due to the glazing in the doors.


Bi-folding Door Solution

To repair this set of bi-folding doors we carried out a procedure referred to as Toe and Heeling, this will solve almost every problem relating to double glazed glass units not being correctly installed into the doors when originally fitted. Double glazed glass units that are not correctly fitted will cause the aluminium door frame surrounding the glass to become a rhombus shape thus causing operational problems, it is, in fact, the glass unit that helps to keep the bi-folding doors square to the frame and adjacent door leafs.

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