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Aluminium Bifolding Door Repair Hammersmith W14

DWLG Door Repairs Service attended a domestic property in Hammersmith London W14 to repair a broken Aluminium Bifolding Door Set consisting of 3 door leafs fitted to the back of the property by the patio. The Bifolding Door was no longer operating correctly and had become increasingly more difficult to slide along the track, the cause of the problem to the door was due to low maintenance & upkeep of the doors. The client was having a party at the weekend so needed the doors repaired asap. Upon inspecting the doors more closely we discovered that there were no broken parts. The locks, handles, hinges and glazing components were all in working order. We decided that a good level of maintenance was needed to bring the doors back to working order.

Our Professional 24 Hour Emergency Bifolding Door Repair & Aluminium Door Repair Specialist was dispatched to complete the door repair service. The Door Repair was broken down into three separate issues.

  • Top & Bottom Roller Door Hinges needed adjustment.
  • Door Lock needed slight attention by adjusting the fixings and applying lubrication to the mechanical parts.
  • General cleaning of the track area followed by vigorous testing of the operation & locking of the bifolding doors.

Below are some pictures and details about the completed Door Repair Service carried out by our Specialist Aluminium Bifolding Door Repairs Team in Hammersmith London W14.

Bifolding Door Repair Hammersmith W14

Bifolding Door Repair London Hammersmith W14 Aluminium Door Repair London Hammersmith W14

Bifolding Door Maintenance 

DWLG Bifold Door Maintenance Service - This 3 leaf aluminium bifold door set operates along a track fitted into the door threshold/sill along with a track guide fitted into the top of the door frame. the weight of doors is carried by the bottom roller hinge and held in place by the top roller hinge which operates as a guide within the top track, along with the double glazed glass units fitted correctly to keep the doors square. The hinges you see here are designed to make an adjustment to the doors vertical position allowing for lifting and lowering doors.

Aluminium Door Repair Hammersmith W14

Bifold Door Hinges Replaced & Repaired London Hammersmith W14 Sliding Door Hinge Replacement London Hammersmith W14

Top Guide & Bottom Support Bifolding Roller Door Hinges

DWLG Aluminium Door Repair & Bifold Door Repair Service. Here is a couple of pictures of the top guiding hinge and bottom supporting bifolding roller hinge along with the bottom track and top guiding track. The bottom hinge has an adjustment setting mechanism to allow for the lifting or lowering of the bifolding door set. 4 stainless steel wheels sit on top of the track taking the weight of the doors, a small nylon wheel is situated underneath the door roller hinge that fits into a recessed area of the track, this is to guide the doors and stop them from slipping off the track. Although the top hinge has no wheels to support the door weight it does have a nylon wheel to guide and keep the doors from slipping out from the track whilst operating. These are the original hinges that were fitted to the doors when initially installed.

Door Repair Hammersmith W14

Aluminum Door Repair Replacement Locks & Handles for Bifold Doors in London Hammersmith W14 Aluminium Bifold Door Shoot Bolt & Locking Mechanism Replaced & Repaired London Hammersmith W14

Bifolding Door Handles & Locks

There are 2 locks fitted into the doors to keep them secure, each lock has a handle for operation. The centre doors have a shoot bolt locking mechanism that operates a top and bottom bolt into strike plates located at the top and bottom of the door frame. A euro profile thumb turn cylinder is used to disable the handle which operates the door lock. The main door has a multi-point lock operated by a handle and euro profile thumb turn cylinder. The euro cylinder operates a separate mortice bolt and disables the handle operation.

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