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Bifold Door Repair Hampstead London NW3

Welcome to “Bifold Door Repair Hampstead” by DWLG,  part of our Aluminiun Bi-folding Door Repair Service in Hampstead, London, NW3.

Bifold Door Repair Hampstead

Bifold Door Repair Hampstead

Full specification report of the Aluminium Bifold Door Repair Service provided by professional Door Repair Engineers in Hampstead London NW3.

  • Grade: Exterior.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Type: Bi-folding.
  • Pattern: 1XG Double Glazed.
  • Lock: Unknown.
  • Handle: Unknown.
  • Finish: Powder Coated White.


Aluminium Bi-folding Door Repair

Upon inspection of the aluminium bi-folding door set, our engineers discovered the doors did not operate correctly moving along the bottom track. Engineers quickly discovered a combination of underlying problems.

Areas of the bottom roller hinge track are lifting away from the door sill.

The Bi-folding doors are all out of alignment.

The door locking mechanism bolts are not meeting with the respective locking strike plates.

Incorrectly fitted Double Glazing on all doors.



Bi-folding Door Solution

To repair the bi-folding doors we…

Removal of all the doors to gain access to the bottom track located on top of the door sill.

Removal and refitting of seated roller hinges and bottom door track.

Glass and rubber gasket seals removed from all doors.

Rehanging the doors, starting at trailing door firstmost fitted to the door frame.

As each door was fitted, adjustments were made to the hinges. to keep the doors straight across the top and bottom of the frame.

Starting at the trailing door, Engineers re-fitted the Double glazed units using “toe and heel” process to keep the door frame square.

We tested the Doors to make sure they operated smoothly along the track.

Securing the doors, Lock strike plates adjusted to align with locks.

Door locks, keys and handles were rigorously tested to make sure everything operated with ease.

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