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DWLG attended a Residential House in the Isleworth area of London to carry out a Door Fitting service in the Twickenham TW7 area.

Door Fitter Twickenham TW7

DWLG sent our local professional Door Fitting, Lawrence to attend a job in Twickenham TW7 and carry out the Door Fitting service. Our Door Fitter has over 5 years experience dealing with all problems related to Wooden Front Doors.

Wooden Door Fitting Twickenham TW7

Our client had a problem with a Wooden Door located on the Ground floor in a Porch area of the House. Upon inspection of the Wooden Door, Lawrence quickly discovered that the Wooden Door had the following issues…

Replacement Door & Frame
Replacement Door Locks
Replacement Door Furniture

Front Door Fitting Twickenham TW7

Once the Front Door had been Fitted, our Door Fitter checked the Front Door was operating correctly. Lawrence then tidied up the work area leaving the customer happy with a working Wooden Front Door.

Doors Fitted Twickenham TW7

Timber Door Frame Replacement – Replacing a Broken or Damaged Timber Door Frame should be done by a Professional Door Fitter to avoid any unnecessary damage. Care should be taken whilst cutting into the old Door Frame to avoid any existing Electrical wiring, Gas Pipes or Water Pipes.
Timber Door Frame Fitting – When Fitting a New Wooden Door Frame, inspection of the Door reveal is required to make sure that any returning walls will not effect the Installation of the New Door Frame, once satisfied, measurements can then be taken to ensure a nice fit leaving a gap of 5mm around the new Door Frame.

Wooden Doors Fitted Twickenham TW7

Painting a New Wooden Door – Timber Doors exposed to weather should be maintained every 2 years to ensure maximum protection from the elements. If you notice any bare exposed timber, cracks in existing paintwork or signs of dry and wet rot then its time to consider Painting your Wooden Door.
Painting Wooden Doors – Pick a colour to paint your door then purchase a tin Undercoat Primer, Undercoat and Finish Paint coat. Ensure the Door is rubbed down to a smooth surface using an appropriate grade of sand paper in between each application of paint. Start by using a primer undercoat to cover the door, followed by an undercoat to remove any discolouration and finally finish with a top coat allowing for drying times.

Front Doors Fitted Twickenham TW7

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