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DWLG offer our customers a premium door installation service by our expert door installers from start to finish.  Our customers have a wide range of doors, locks, and furniture to choose from, giving you the best bespoke door to suit your requirements. If you choose DWLG you will have our expert team of door installers at hand giving you the best service.


Types of doors installed

DWLG install a wide range of doors including Wood door, uPVC doors, Composite doors and Aluminium doors.


Wooden doors

DWLG specialise in the installation of wooden doors. In our opinion wooden doors offer our customer the best flexability on design and excellent security on your home. The wooden door is a blank canvas waiting for you to turn it into a piece of art.  From start to finish, you get to choose your door design and exactly how you would like your door to look.  Upon deciding that a wooden door installation is right for you, your  journey will begin. Our expert door installers will be in hand to help though out the whole process.

You will need to choose:

  • Door: Glazed or unglazed. with or without panels.
  • Glazing: frosted/clear/textured/stained. single glazed/double glazed/ triple glazed.
  • Locks: Multi-point Lock/night latch/deadbolt/Banham. Amount of locks.
  • Furniture: Letter box/ spy hole/ door knocker .
  • Handles: center door pull/ guardsman handle .
  • Colour scheme: door furniture/door colour/ varnished/stained/painted/ two tone.
  • Door closer: concealed / overhead / none.
  • door security: London bar/ birmingham bar/ lock guard/ hinge bolts .

Our customers can visit our latest work page to view some recent door installations by our expert door installers,to give them an idea of what they might like.  Alternatively they can email DWLG a picture of a door they like for a quote, it is also recommended that they email us a picture of there current door.

uPVC doors

uVC doors are made off-site by a secondary company. Dwlg can order these doors in for our customers, alternativly our customer may purchase these doors themself and we will happly install the door.  DWLG offer a professional measuring service so our customer can be sure that they have purchased the correct size door. This is very important as uPVC door and frame sets are made to measure in a factory and our door installers are  unable to ajust the size of the door or frame. uPVC doors are a good choice for our customers who are looking for a low maintenace door.

Composite doors

Composite door are a combination of wooden, metal and UPvc doors. Dwlg’s door installation service provides expert door installers to fit composite doors.


Door Installers

DWLG’s Door installers have over 15 years of experience installing wooden, uPVC composite and metal doors.


Door installation by our Door installers





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