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Wooden Bifold Door Repairs Carpenter & Carpentry Service London Balham SW12 Quotation

Door Repairs London Balham SW12

DWLG Professional Carpenter & Door Repair Specialist attended a School in London Balham SW12 to repair a Wooden Bifold Door set as part of our Door Repairs Service in London Balham SW12. The doors had become inoperable due to a damaged bottom door guide, our door specialist assessment was that this had happened due to wear and tear as the doors are very old and under constant use on a daily basis. The School administration called us in to see if we could help fix the doors. 

Our Professional 24 Hour Emergency Carpenter & Door Specialist Repairman arrived on a weekend day to carry out the door repairs service. 

  • Removing all the Doors - Removal of all 4 doors in the folding set was required to gain access to the undersides of the doors. Another set of hands was required for the job so our door specialist was assisted by a trainee for health and safety reasons. The doors were very awkward to remove from the top runner track safely by one man alone.
  • Bifold Door Part Fitting - some adjustments to the old L shaped bracket had to be made to allow for the new part to be fitted, the reason for this was because the parts that were originally Fitted to the door were no longer available to purchase and thus we had to make a custom fit with a part of similar quality and design.

Below are some pictures and details about the bifold doors repaired and parts fitted. 


Bifold Door Repairs

Bifold Door Repairs

Wooden Door Repair

Newly fitted bottom swivel nylon Door guide.

Wooden Door Repairs

Wooden Door Repairs

Broken Bifold Door Bottom Guide

Steel L-shaped bracket with a broken bottom swivel track guide.

Door Repairs London Balham SW12

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