uPVC Door Repairs

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DWLG offer its  customers a premium uPVC door Reapirs service by our expert uPVC Door Repairman, from start to finish. With over 15 Years experiance in uPVC Door Repairs, their has never been a Door we can not repair. Please take a look at our latest work.

uPVC Door Repairs

There are a number of problems that can arise with uPVC doors.  Customers handles may become loose. Locks might become jammed. Doors may no longer close properly. Seals become loose or glass might “blow” or be come broken. DWLG’s  uPVC door repairman have 15 years experiance dealing with a wide range of uPVC door repairs. They will quickly diagnose the customers problem and give them a solution.


uPVC door handles may become loose over time. This could be because of normal wear and tear over time or excessive force require to close the door because of another under lying problem. There are a variety of  uPVC handles and our expert uPVC door repairman will decide which one is suitable for the door in question. DWLG will complete the uPVC door repair to a high standard.

upvc door repair handle


Upvc door are manufacture with 3 hinges. Over time parts inside the hinges can break due to stress caused by wear and tear or poor installaton and maintenance. This can cause the door to drop and not close properly.  hinges will need to be replaced if this happens. Our experianced uPVC repair man will be able to carry out this upvc door repair for you.

upvc door repair hinges


uPVC Doors use Multi-point locks. Over  time with wear and tear these locks can break. Multi-point locks can also break  or fail due to poor alignment or broken hinges. DWLG uPVC door repairman will sure there is no underlying problems causing this. There are over 100 different types of multi-point locks. Due to this our engineers will go offside to obtain the correct part for your door.

upvc door repair

Seals and Gaskets

Door seals and gaskets are used to keep the window glass and panels in place. These can become loose, worn, or come out. DWLG’s uPVC Window Repairman are able to install replacement seals.

upvc door repair gasket

Glass and Glazing

uPVC windows will  have double or triple glazed units fitted. The glass is one unit and sealed. These glass units may become “blow” with mist or condensation building up inside. The units become less effective. The unit will need replacing. One side only of the glass may become cracked or broke, the whole unit will need replacing.

upvc door repair glass


DWLG offer a uPVC door repair service for replacement panels after cat flaps have been fitted.

What to expect from our uPVC door Repairman

Dwlg pride ourself on a clean and clear working enviroment.  DWLG’s uPVC repairman will keep there working area as clear as possible. DWLG’s uPVC Door repairman will leave the work area clean.

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