Door Installation Quotation

IMPORTANT NOTE: Development of the Door Installation Quotation system is still in beta phase testing, you may experience some bugs.

STEP 1 – Door Frame

Use the drop-down menu to select the Timber type you would like your door frame to constructed with.


Timber Door Stopping For interior and exterior grade doors. Recommended for coloured paints, stains and varnishes.

Bifolding Door Fixings

Bifolding Door Fixings required when fitting bifolding doors. Make sure you have your door weight, width and height at hand whilst choosing the correct type.

STEP 2 – Door Pattern

Use the drop-down menu to select the Door you would like fitted into the frame.

Exterior Panel Door

Exterior Panel Doors.

STEP 3 – Lock

STEP 4 – Glass

Textured Glass

Textured Glass.

STEP 5 – Furniture

Door Numbers

Door Numbers.

Letter Plates

Letter Plates.

STEP 9 – Finish

Door finishes

Hand painted door finishes.

Quotation Items

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