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DWLG offer its  customers a premium Lock fitting service by our expert Lock fitter, from start to finish. With over 15 Years experience in Lock fitting, their has never been a lock we can not repair or replace. Please take a look at our latest work.


Locks Fitted

DWLG fit a wide range of lock to a variety of doors and windows. We install locks to wooden window, uPVC windows, Aluminium windows. DWLG also install locks to Wooden doors, uPVC doors, aluminium doors. DWLG’s lock fitting service provides a service to both residential and commercial properties. DWLG deal with both internal and external doors. If we have failed to mention where you would like your lock fitted please call.




Sash window locks

A dual screw sash lock comprises a full or half threaded bolt. This screws through an internally threaded barrel, fitted in the top of the lower sash into a hole in the bottom of the upper sash or  sometimes  into another threaded barrel. Sash Window locks can be fitted on wooden windows and uPVC doors and windows.


casement stay locks

DWLG Lock fitters install window casement stay locks to Wooden and Metal casement windows.

casement stay

window bolts

DWLGS Lock fitting service install Window bolds to mainly sash windows. These locks function via a bolt that’s is screwed in to the window via the use of a key

window bolt

Dead bolts

Deadbolts are exclusively installed on wooden doors. This means the door only to be locked with the use of a key.


Night latch

DWLG’s lock fitter install Night latches exclusively to wooden doors.  Customers can pull the door closed and it will lock with out the need for a key.  customers can   open the door by an handle on the inside. Our customer would require a key  to unlock the door from the exterior.


Multi-point lock

DWLG’s Lock fitting service Installs Multi-point locks on both wooden and uPVC Doors. Multi-point locks have multiple locking mechanisms that help keep the door secure. Multi-point lock are available in over 100 different designs. DWLG’s professional lock fitters often find Older or more obscure locks need to be ordered in from main suppliers. some of which are based in Germany! Due to this installation times may vary, on some occasions DWLG’S professional lock fitters might be able to offer the customer an alternative option.

multi-point lock

Shoot bolts

DWLG’s Lock fitter can install Shoot bolts in to both doors and windows. Shoot Bolts are bolts that shoot from the top and bottom of the door in to the frame.

Lock brands

DWLG’s professional lock fitting service install many well known brands of locks. We give the customer a wide range of locks and brands to choose from.  These include, Banham , Yale, Chubb, Union, Geeze, ERA, Imperial Lock and many more. DWLG expert lock fitters will be able to supply you with a lock to suit your needs and budget.


DWLG's Lock fitting & Lock Fitter

These are just a selection of some of the types of locks DWLGs professional lock fitters install.  If you would like more information on a different type of lock, you would like DWLG’s professional lock fitting service to install, please give us a call.  Locks are extremely import to the security of your home. Please refer to your insurance policy to insure the correct locks are installed.

DWLG offer an emergency Lock fitting service. DWLG’s emergency lock fitting service is  available 24 hours a day. Subject to availability. Additional charges apply.

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