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Glass Fitting

Here at DWLG we offer the following types of Glass Fitting include…

Door Glass Fitters, Double Glazing Fitters, and Glass Replacement.

Glass Fitting in the following areas Bromley, Croydon, East London, Ilford, Kingston Upon Thames, North West London, Redhill, South East London, South West London, Sutton, Twickenham, and West London.

Glass Replacement Services

DWLG offer both a standard and 24 Hour Emergency Glass Replacement Service for Domestic and Commercial Customers.

For our 24-hour Emergency Glass Replacement Service call 07446 284 439.

To book your job now call 0208 405 4614.

For Enquiries and Quotations visit our contact page.

Glass Replacement

Glass Root Concerns – How we Work

Glass can be very dangerous which is why DWLG do everything we can to ensure that health and safety is the most important factor when handling glass. Protective safety clothing and workwear is used by our professional Glaziers to prevent accidents from happening, this includes protective kevlar gloves, safety goggles and heavy work clothing. Sometimes accidents happen and we have a first aid kit available for use in our vehicles.

When removing the glass from doors and windows everything is done to make sure that your door or window does not get damaged, stands and workstations are used along with dust sheets to protect your property. Cordless tools are used for health and safety. Protective rubber tools are used when dealing with high impact areas on doors and windows so that they are not damaged.

When we replace your glass we make sure that everything is left clean and tidy, the area is covered with a protective sheet and vacuumed afterwards to ensure no glass shards are left. In most cases, we remove your door or window and replace the glass in a safe environment outside the property. Broken glass is placed into a strong bag and removed from your property where it is disposed of at a local recycling centre.

Glass Types

Here is a list of the types of glass that we can replace.

  • Laminated
  • Toughened
  • Annealed
  • Fire Resistant
  • Frosted
  • Satin.
  • Acoustic.
  • Textured.
  • Patterned.

These various glass types can be fitted as a single glazed, double or triple glazed options.

Please note that Triple & Double Glazed Units can take a day to produce and up to 5 working days for Toughened Glass orders.

Glass Application

DWLG specialise fitting glass into various different frameworks with the most common being doors & windows. Here is a list of the most common.

  • Timber Doors & Windows
  • uPVC Doors & Windows.
  • Aluminium Doors & Windows.
  • Sliding Patio Doors.
  • BiFolding Doors.
  • Shopfronts.
  • Greenhouses.
  • Shower Screens.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Splashbacks.
  • Table Tops, Shelves and Cabinets.
  • Leaded & Stained Glass.

When to Replace your Glass?

We have put together a list of common replacement glass related problems that DWLG regularly carry out the work for. This list is here to help you decide if the problem you have is somthing we can help you with. Some pictures have been added to help with the description.

You should consider replacing your glass if the following problems start to occur.

  • Broken or Cracked Glass.
  • Shattered Glass.
  • Loosely Fitted Glass.
  • Misted Double Glazed Units.
  • Glass Fitted with Pet Flaps, Cat Flaps and Dog Flaps.
  • Leaded & Stained Glass.

Area Covered by our Glass Replacement Service

Replacement Glass Service Areas.

Click the following link for a complete list of all the areas covered by our Glass Replacement service.

Glass Handling Gloves

Glass Safety Goggles

Glazier Workwear

Glaziers First Aid Kit

Service Charges for Glass Replacement 

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Parts for Glass Replacement 

Below you can browse through some of the parts required for Glass Replacement.

Glass Replacement Jobs

Below you can browse through all the work completed by DWLG related to Glass Replacement.

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