Replacement Double Glazing

Replacement Double Glazing

Argon Filled Sealed Replacement Double Glazing Glass Units

DWLG offer the public and trade the supply and fitting of replacement double glazing sealed units made to standard ready to be collected on the same day!

Our shop based in Croydon London is the base where we make the Triple and Double Glazed Argon Filled Sealed units ready for collection or delivery.

Using the latest technology DWLG now have the capability to produce sealed units with the use of a hot melt machine as pictured above.

Replacement Double Glazing Glass Supplied and Fitted

DWLG don’t just supply sealed units to the trade and public but also offer a fitting service, to see if we cover your area visit our areas covered page now.

Hot Melt Machine

We use Advance Systems HM1500 model hot melt machine to produce our high quality double glazed sealed units. This particular model is manufactured using the highest quality components made specifically for creating sealed units in a small workshop environment.

DWLG are capable of producing up to 500 sealed glazed units per week.

Interested in getting a quote for a sealed double glazed unit? head over to our online glass supply quotation page or give our office a call now on 020 8405 4614.

Custom Replacement for Double Glazing Glass

Double glazing glass has become the standard in most homes these days, particularly for their beauty and energy efficient properties. But what if one of your window units starts fogging up or cracks from blunt force impact? The good news is that you don’t need to buy an entirely new window unit. Ordering a replacement for double glazing glass is an easy and cost-efficient way to repair your window.

Benefits to Ordering Your Custom Size Replacement for Double Glazing Glass from One Day Glass

  • Saves You Money. You don’t have to replace the entire window unit. You’ll also find that from production to your door, One Day Glass is overall, less expensive than the competition.
  • Saves You Time. Most Door and Window glass orders process within one business day and ship via our own vans, however, if you need your glass sooner, we can ship as fast as FedEx Next Day Air.
  • Top-Quality Glass. Many glass companies cut costs by offering sub-par glass products that are more likely to break prematurely. One Day Glass uses tempered glass to add strength and durability, helping prevent premature breakage.

How to Order a Custom Size Replacement for Double Glazing Glass

Ordering a custom size replacement for double glazing glass from One Day Glass is simple; you will need a tape measure that can measure to the nearest 1/16 inch. Detailed measuring instructions for rectangular and uniquely shaped windows are provided on our online quote/order form.

(If you need help with measuring, you can check here or call us with questions.)

Take a look at our simple Glass Fitting Quotation calculator to get a good idea of the cost to supply and fit double glazing glass units.

If you require additional help to get a quote for replacement Double Glazing then feel free to contact us and we will calculate the cost of your replacement glass for you.

We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to order your custom size replacement for double glazing glass!

Excellent Customer Service – Our customers love that we are available to resolve any issues and answer any questions that they have. Read some of our customer reviews or give us a call and you’ll see why we have such a great reputation for customer service.

Before you leave why not take a look at our Google+ reviews page to hear what others have to say about our replacement double glazing service.

Free Quotations for Replacement Double Glazing

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Glass Quotations & Estimates for Replacement Double Glazing 

Replacement Double Glazing Promotional Offers

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Promotional Offers available in the following areas of Bromley, Croydon, East London, Ilford, Kingston Upon Thames, North West London, Redhill, South East London, South West London, Sutton, Twickenham, and West London.

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