Bi-Folding Door Repairs London

Bi-folding Door Repairs London

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Here at DWLG we offer the following types of Door Repairs include…

Aluminium Door Repairs, Bifolding Door Repairs, Commercial Door Repairs, Communal Door Repairs, Composite Door Repairs, Door Frame Repairs, Door Hinge Replacement, Sliding Door Repairs, Timber Door Repairs, uPVC Door Repairs, and Glass Door Repairs.

Door Repairs in the following areas Bromley, Croydon, East London, Kingston Upon Thames, Sutton, North West London, Redhill, South East London, South West London, Twickenham, West London, and Ilford.

Bi-Folding Door Repairs London

DWLG Bi-Folding Door Repairs London repair all types of bifold doors. We have encountered many types of Bi-folding doors in need of repair, In most cases, the company who originally fitted the Bifold doors has now gone bankrupt, leaving the clients home or business insecure. We have many years of experience repairing Bifold Doors,

We have over 15 years of experience repairing Bifold Doors. We are able to repair bifold doors within 24 hours of booking, in some cases when parts are required, this can take longer.

  • Aluminium
  • uPVC
  • Wooden/Timber

We also repair similar door types.

  • Concertina Doors
  • Tilt and Slide Doors

Here are some pictures of bi-folding doors we have repaired, take a look and see if you have a similar looking bi-folding door.

London Bi-Folding Door Repairs London Bi-Folding Door Repairs London Bi-Folding Door Repairs

Bifold Door Common Problems

There are many different problems associated with bi-folding doors. A combination of the following problems is usually the case when a bi-fold door becomes broken.

  • Bi-folding doors installed incorrectly
  • Badly fitted double glazed glass units
  • Misaligned bi-folding door
  • Broken Bi-folding door hinges
  • Loose Door Frame fixings
  • Damaged door runners
  • Warped, twisted or buckled door tracks
  • Damaged rubber seals and gaskets.
  • Faulty door handles
  • Broken Door Locks, Multi-Point Locks and Shoot Bolt Mechanisms
  • General wear and tear due to age or lack of maintenance.


Replacement Parts for Bi-Folding Doors

We have a large selection of stock replacement bi-folding door parts available to be supplied and fitted on the same day.

We replace most brands of bi-folding door parts supplied by the leading manufacturers in the door industry, Installed by our specialist door engineers. Brands include…

  • Geze
  • Debar
  • GU
  • Liniar

Some bi-folding door parts are constructed by European manufacturers, these parts will take longer to arrive once ordered.

Repairing Bi-Folding Doors

Same day service provided to get your bi-folding doors back into full working order. Call now and get booked in for the next available date.

Services include…

  • General Door Maintainance.
  • Replacement Locks Supplied and Fitted.
  • Glazing, Glass, Triple and Double Glazed Units Replaced.
  • Refitting Bi-Folding Doors and Frames.
  • Re-Alignment of Bi-folding Doors.
  • Replacing Door Fixings.
  • Replacing Door Locking Bolts.
  • Replacement Door Handles.
  • Lubricating Mechanical Parts.
  • Replacement Rubber door seals and gaskets.

Once we have repaired your bi-folding doors, we then make sure that everything works correctly and you are satisfied with the work that has been carried out.

24-Hour Emergency Bi-Folding Door Repairs London Service

We can help get your home secure immediately with our specialist 24-hour emergency London bi-folding door repair service team.

Bi-Folding Door Repairs London Guarantee

Any bifold door that is not originally fitted by DWLG cannot be guaranteed by ourselves. We are a friendly business and very accommodating to your needs once we have completed work for you.

Noone likes to have to call a tradesman back to a job because something was not done correctly but unfortunately sometimes this problem can arise, if this is the case we will return free of charge and rectify any problems.

When we repair bi-folding doors we do our best to make sure that any underlying problems are also pointed out and fixed.

We will help you if a problem persists but sometimes when a bi-folding door set is not maintained it is beyond repair and would need replacing.

We supply and fit our own manufactured Bi-folding Doors that come with a guarantee.

Bi-Folding Door Repairs London Quotation

We offer a free quotation to all our customers, simply send an email to us along with a couple of images and a short description of the problem.

Please allow 2 hours before we respond to any email enquiries, alternatively just give us a call and we can help you deal with your problem.

Recently Repaired Bi-folding Doors

Take a look at some of the recently completed bi-folding door repairs on our project page.

Areas Covered by our Bi-Folding Door Repairs London Service

  • London South East
  • London South West
  • Surrey
  • Kent
  • Croydon
  • Sutton
  • Bromley
  • Kingston upon Thames
  • Twickenham

For more detailed information and updates visit our main Bi-Folding Door Repairs Service page.

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