Commonly referred to as Timber, Wood or Wooden Doors. Common problems associated with repairing wooden doors include.

Split/Splitting damaged Wood around the frame casing, door stop area, and door itself. This is sometimes the result of the forced entry into the door, possible causes include burglary damage and emergency services gaining access to the property.

Rotten Timber can occur in places around the door and frame where there is inadequate weather protection. Usually in and around the door sill and underneath the door. Exterior Wooden doors and frames need maintaining once every 2 years by applying a new coat of exterior grade paint to protect the wood from weather damage. Check the underside of your door and the door sill to see if it has been painted.

Strike plates for locks on timber door frames can sometimes require adjusting or re-aligning. This can be the result of badly fitted locks or doors that have warped or bowed through extreme weather damage.

Swelling or swollen Doors – Timber will expand and contract naturally through temperature changes in the weather but if it is not properly sealed and maintained your door and frame can quickly become damaged beyond repair. Once bare timber is exposed to water the timber quickly absorbs and holds the moisture when the door gets heated the timber will expand causing allowing larger cracks to appear and eventually leading to rotten timber.

Hinges and hinge seats can become damaged over time through general use and wear and tear. If your timber door and frame is showing signs of bad opening and closing operation check the hinges to make sure everything looks good. Sometimes screws become loose and the old pilot holes will need re-plugging, new screws should then be used to hang the door securely to the frame. If your hinges are starting to show signs of rusting then you should replace them all immediately.

Door Handle Repairs – Repairs to problems with loose handles. Door handles can become loose from bad fitting. Incorrect size spindles used to connect euro type door handles can cause operational problems. Always make sure the correct spindle is used and if the handle has grub screws to hold the spindle in place make sure they tightly fitted into the spindle. Make a small countersunk hole into the spindle if needed.

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