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Aluminium Bi-folding Door Repair Fulham SW6

aluminium bfold door repair fulham sw6
bi-folding door repair Fulham sw6
Aluminium bi-folding door repair Fulham SW6

Below you find some information on a recent Aluminium Bi-folding Door Repair Fulham SW6.

DWLG Bifold door engineers attended a house in the Fulham SW6 area today to carry out an Aluminium Bi-Folding Door repair to a 4 leaf Bi-Fold Door set. The Landlord informed us that the doors had a gap at the top of the doors. This was causing a draft for his tenants. The tenant would like this fixed asap because of the cold weather.

Upon arrival to the property and closer inspection DWLG, expert bi-folding door engineers decided on the best course of action to get the bi-folding doors fully functioning and draft-free. The bi-folding doors would require “toe and heeling” and to be re-aligned. This would make the Bi-fold doors work to there best again.

What is Toeing and Heeling?

The Glazing inside the bi-folding doors is very large, and therefore also very heavy. Over time the weight of the glazing can cause the sash to drop within the door frame. This can make the doors misaligned and stop the doors from functioning correctly. Misaligned bi-folding doors can cause a number of issues. The might be hard to run across the track. The lock and the lock keep may no longer line and this can damage both lock and the door handle.

Toeing and Heeling is a process where packers are inserted at opposite diagonal corners of the glazed unit. This braces the glass against the internal frame, holding the glazing in place. This tops the double glazed glass unit from moving.

Our expert engineers at DWLG carried out the following service:

  • A Bi-Folding Door Search and discovery.
  • Full service and maintenance on all 4 Doors.
  • Toe and Heeled/Realigned on 4 doors.
  • Lubricated and tightened all fixings.
  • Replaced missing lock off screws.

When it comes to repairing doors DWLG are experts in our field!! We are able to quickly discover and rectify many different door problems.

We also provide a Door Fitting, Door Repair, and door supplied and fitted service.problems

Aluminium bifold Door Repairs Fulham SW6

Dean Hopkins and Joe our family team of expert door repair engineers carried out the work required to make the Raynears Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors fully functioning again.

DWLG Also repair Doors made from Timber and Double Glazed UPVC.

Door Repairman Fulham SW6

Located close to the Fulham SW6 area our expert Door Repairman can be with you the same day to repair your doors.

Door Repairing Service Fulham SW6

When it comes to repairing your doors DWLG are experts!! We are able to quickly identify and resolve many different door issues.

We also provide a Door Fitting, Door Repair, and door supplied and fitted service.

Doors Repaired in Fulham SW6

DWLG specialise in repairing all types of other doors. In the past 5 years, we have helped many clients get various Doors repaired. DWLG Door repair service includes: 

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Emergency Door Repair Service Fulham SW6

DWLG offer a 24 Hour Emergency door repair service.

If you have been the victim of forced entry in the Fulham SW6 area then we are here to help. 

Door Repairs Fulham SW6

Here at DWLG we feel it is vital that our customers are able to see the previous work we have carried out. For this reason, we have an extensive collection of photographs of work carried out in the Fulham SW6 area.

We value our customers trust in us and for this reason, all work carried out by DWLG is backed with a verbal agreement between our self and the client to re-visit and rectify any problems related to the work we have completed within a specified time frame.


DWLG are proud to have a 5-star rating from every client who has left us a review. Please pop along to our Google review page and check out our honest feedback. DWLG would appreciate it if every client would leave an honest review. 

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