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Bifold Door Repairs

24 Hour Emergency Bifold Door Repair & Maintenance Service

DWLG are a specialist bifold door repair service. We have seen many types of Bi-folding doors in need of repair, In most cases, the company who originally fitted the Bifold doors has now gone bankrupt, leaving the clients home or business insecure.

We can help get your home secure immediately with our specialist 24-hour emergency bi-folding door repair service team.

With over 25 years of experience repairing Bifold Doors. We are able to repair bifold doors within 24 hours of booking, in some cases when specialist parts are required, this can take longer.

We also repair similar door types to bi-folding doors including concertina doors, stacking sliding doors, tilt and slide doors. Doors constructed from timber or wooden, uPVC, aluminium.

Here are some pictures of bi-folding doors we have repaired, take a look and see if you have a similar looking bi-folding door.

Smart Bifold Door Repair
Solarlux Bifold Door Repair
Sun Paradise Bifolding Door Bottom Roller Hinge

How long will my Bi-folding Doors take to repair?

If new parts are required allow time to travel.
1 - 2 hours
2-3 Bi-folding Doors
upto 2 hours
4-5 Bi-folding Doors
2 - 3 Hours
6+ Bi-folding Doors
3+ Hours

Bifold Door Common Problems

There are many different problems associated with bifold doors. A combination of the following problems is usually the case when a bifold door becomes broken.

  • Bi-folding doors installed incorrectly
  • Badly fitted double glazed glass units
  • Misaligned bi-folding door
  • Broken Bifold door hinges
  • Loose Door Frame fixings
  • Damaged door runners
  • Warped, twisted or buckled door tracks
  • Damaged rubber seals and gaskets.
  • Faulty door handles
  • Broken Door Locks, Multi-Point Locks and Shoot Bolt Mechanisms
  • General wear and tear due to age or lack of maintenance.

Replacement Parts for Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors Repairs Serviced & Maintained. BiFold Door Specialists with over 25 Years Experience Repairing Bi-Folding Doors. Wooden, uPVC and Aluminium Doors Repaired. Replacing Handles, Locks, Hinges, Rollers, Runners, Guides and Glass. All types of Bi-folding Doors Repaired in the areas of London, Surrey & Kent.

Broken Bi-folding Door Hinge
Bi-folding Door Roller Hinge

Replacing your broken bi-folding door roller hinges. Sometimes the parts are made from cast iron, these types of hinges will snap or crack due to the stress caused by incorrectly fitted doors.

Broken Bi-folding Door Lock
Bi-folding Door Lock

We can replace your broken bi-folding door locks. Locks can break for various different reasons including, general wear and tear, incorrect installation and doors being forced to open and close.

Broken Bi-folding Door Handle
Bi-folding Door Handle

Replacement of bi-folding door handles, handles for main traffic door locks and centre shoot bolt locks. These handles will often break when a lock is misaligned and force is used on the handle to operate the lock.

Our Bi-folding Door Repairs same day service is provided by our expert team. Get your bi-folding doors back into full working order. Call now and get booked in for the next available date.

Bi-folding Door Services include…

  • Replacement Locks Supplied and Fitted.
  • Replacement Centre Shootbolt Locks.
  • General Door maintenance.
  • Replacement Guide Hinge.
  • Replacement Roller Hinge.
  • Replacement Rubber door seals and gaskets.
  • Lubricating Mechanical Parts.
  • Replacement Door Handles.
  • Replacing Door Locking Bolts.
  • Replacing Door Fixings.
  • Re-Alignment of Bi-folding Doors.
  • Refitting Bi-Folding Doors and Frames.
  • Glazing, Glass, Triple and Double Glazed Units Replaced.

Once we have repaired your bi-folding doors, we then make sure that everything works correctly and you are satisfied with the work that has been carried out.

Bifold Door Repair Guarantee

Any bifold door that is not originally fitted by DWLG cannot be guaranteed by ourselves. We are a friendly business and very accommodating to your needs once we have completed work for you.

No one likes to have to call a tradesman back to a job because something was not done correctly but unfortunately sometimes this problem can arise, if this is the case we will return free of charge and rectify any problems.

When we repair bifold doors we do our best to make sure that any underlying problems are also pointed out and fixed.

We will help you if a problem persists but sometimes when a bi-folding door set is not maintained it is beyond repair and would need replacing.

We supply and fit our own manufactured Bi-folding Doors that come with a guarantee.

Bifold Door Repair Quotation

We offer a free quotation to all our customers, simply send an email to us along with a couple of images and a short description of the problem.

Please allow 24 hours before we respond to any email enquiries, alternatively, just give us a call and we can help you deal with your problem.

Areas covered by our Bifold Door Repair Service

Our Bifolding Door Repair service is offered to clients in the following locations in and around London, Surrey and Kent.

Recently Repaired Bi-folding Doors

Take a look at some of the recently completed bifold door repair work carried out by visiting our latest work page.

Hear what others have to say about the Bifold Door Repair work we have carried out by visiting our DWLG Google+ business page.

About bifold doors.

Bifold doors are doors that fold back together and are fully glazed. When you have 3 or more doors, you may also have a main traffic door. It is very common to need a bifold door repair.

Bifold doors can often become problematic and you might find yourself needing your bifold doors repaired.

The most common problem with bifold doors in need of repair is a service and realignment. Due to the nature of bifold doors they often drop out of alignment. Realigning your bifold door when they drop out of alignment is very important. You should not ignore this problem. Bifold doors can drop out of alignment due to wear and tear over time. Bifold doors also drop out of alignment if the glazing has not been fitted correctly. If you do not resolve the issue promptly you might end up needing a bigger bifold door repair.

Bifold Door Realignment.

When your bifold doors drop out of alignment you might notice a number of issues. The bifold door might scrape along the bottom of the frame. There might be a gap at the top of the doors and the bifold doors could become draughty. When the bifold doors catch, this can dislodge the rubber gaskets. The door locks might no longer line up and you might find it difficult to lock the doors. If you have any of these issue you should call DWLG and book a bifold door repair.

Once your bifold doors have dropped out of alignment, a number of other issues might occur if you do not address the issue. When the doors drop out of alignment it can cause stress on other components of the doors. Below we will run through a few of the bifold door repairs you might end up needing.

bifold door repair

Broken bifold door handle – main traffic door.

When the bifold doors drop out of alignment they can become stiff and you may struggle to lock the main traffic door. You might find yourself lifting the door to be able to get the doors to lock into place. Over time if you keep doing this you risk breaking the multipoint lock or the handle on the main traffic door.

You will then need a bifold door repair that would include a new handle and or multipoint lock. Bifold door locks are made for the specific brand of doors. DWLG will contact the manufacturer to source the correct lock needed. We would need to come over, remove the lock and take detailed pictures of the lock to make sure the manufacturer send us the correct replacement bifold door lock.

DWLG would replace the lock for you and also fully service and realign the doors to help prevent future issues with the bifold doors. DWLG can carry out a bifold door repair on all bifold doors.

Broken bifold door handle on the intermediate/middle door.

Another very common issue is a broken bifold door handle on one of the middle doors.

This can happen for a few reasons. The most common reason is that the lock/ gearbox behind this handle has broken. The handle will be stiff to use. When excessive force is used the handle will snap, you will then need a bifold door repair.

The handle could also be stiff if the doors have dropped out of alignment and the lock becomes misaligned. This is why it is important to get your doors realigned when they drop. If this happens you will need you will need your bifold doors repaired including a new handle and possibly a new shoot bolt gearbox mechanism. DWLG would give your doors a full service and realignment, replace your broken handle and gearbox if needed. We carry 95% of parts onboard. DWLG stock the most common parts you might need.

Bifold door will not open or is catching.

You may open your bifold doors one day and find they are catching at the bottom. This could be due to a broken lock.

The intermediate doors contain shoot bolt lock. Shoot bolt locks are where you turn the handle 180 degrees and a lock will move 2 shoot bolt rods. The shoot bolt rod will move into the top and bottom of the frame. Once the gear box has broken you may find the bottom rod does not contract back into the doors and it becomes caught on the bottom of the frame. You may also find the top shoot bolt may no longer pop out of the top of the door and lock into the frame, this will cause the doors to be loose at the top. DWLG would come over and fully service and realign the doors. We would also replace the broken gearbox. DWLG stock gearboxes to suit 95% of doors.

bifold door repair replacement shoot bolt gearbox

Broken bottom roller hinge.

There are a number of reasons a bottom roller hinge can break. Over time the washers between the hinge section can perish causing the doors to slightly drop out of alignment. this can then in turn snap or bend the hinge.

The most common reason the bottom roller hinge breaks is because the doors have dropped out of alignment. Once the hinge breaks this can cause a number of issue. The doors can become unsafe and wobble. The doors may no longer be able to open and close. This broken bottom roller can also put extra pressure on other parts of the door causing them to break too.

It is very important that the correct roller for the brand of doors is used when your bifold door is repaired. Every manufacturer uses specific roller hinges designed for their brand of door. You can not use a roller hinge from one manufacturer on another door as it will not work or fit.

Replacing Bottom Roller Hinges.

When DWLG repair your bifold doors we will make sure we come with the correct roller hinge needed, we do this by making sure have stock of 95% of parts, but we also double check by requesting pictures from yourself to make sure we have this hinge in on board on the day.

Although we carry most hinges onboard. Some roller hinges are special orders and will need to be ordered in from the manufacturer.

When your bottom roller hinge breaks you will need a bifold door repair including a full service and realignment of the doors and a replacement bottom roller hinge. It is important to always have your doors serviced and realigned when you replace the hinges. Not realigning the doors will mean the hinge will more than likely snap again.

Bifold door perished or missing gasket.

When your bifold doors drop out of alignment they can start to catch on the seals at the bottom or the door or the door frame. Over time the rubber gasket seals will begin to catch and be pulled out of the correct position. The seals may also carry on catching and cause damage to the gaskets. The gasket seals will then requiring replacing when you have your bi-folding door repair carried out.

Once the gaskets starts to perish or they have come out of the bifold doors, the bifold doors may become draughty. When it rains your bifold doors might let water in. This is because there is no longer a seal at the bottom of the doors.

Replacement bifold door gaskets.

DWLG can replace your damaged rubber gaskets. On one set of doors you may find as many as 5 different types of gasket.

The top/bottom of doors, sides of doors the top and bottom of the frame are where the gaskets are located. If you needs the gaskets replaced it is important to find out where the gaskets need replacing on the doors. We can then make sure we have the correct type.

We do carry the most common types of gaskets but sometimes need to order gaskets in from the manufacturers.

If the gasket is not damages we are able to re-fit the old gasket for you.

When DWLG carry out a bifold door repair where we replace the gasket. We will also service and realign the doors so they stop catching preventing further issues.

Bifold door main traffic door catching.

On a set of bifold doors with 3 or more doors it is common to find a main traffic door. This allows access through just the 1 door. Main traffic doors saves you having to open up the full set of bifold doors all the time. This will mean less wear and tear on the folding doors and extend there life.

The main traffic door will have the most wear and tear as it will have the most use. It is common for this door to start to catch or drop out of alignment from the fold back doors.

This can happen because of frequent use. A common problem when the main traffic door starts to catch is that the hinges have perished and would need replacing.

When this happens you would need a bifold door repair where we would replace all 3 hinges on the main traffic door. We would then service and realign the full set of bifold doors.

Bifold door repair

Bifold door repair – service and realignment

DWLG service and realign you bifold doors with every bifold door repair. This is because nearly all problems with bifold doors are cause by the doors being misaligned. Bifold door glass will be removed then refitted making sure the glass has been “toe and heeled”. All mechanical parts are checked cleaned and lubricated. DWLG check your hinges to make sure they have the correct fixings. The bifold doors are adjusted so they all line up correctly and run smoothly. DWLG often come across doors where the incorrect fixings have been used in the hinges. This can causes the doors to drop out of alignment, it can also make the doors dangerous to use.

Replacement toughened double glazed glass unit in bifold doors.

Bifold doors contain very large glass units. Toughened Safety glass must be used when replacing bifold door glass units. When the toughened glass breaks it will break into small squares and is less likely to cause injury.

You my need a bifold door repair to replaced the glass units for a couple of reasons.

Over time you may notice that there is a build up of condensation between the 2 panels of glass. This happens when the double glazed glass unit “blows” the seal around the glass perishes. This allows air and moisture in between the 2 panels.

Another reason you may need a bifold glass replacement is because the glass has smashed. The most common cause of this is when cutting your grass and a stone will hit the glass breaking it.

A less common reason for you to need your glass unit replaced is because it can spontaneously break. This has no known cause.

Toe and Heel Bifold Door Glass.

When getting your bifold door glass replacement it is important you make sure the glass unit is “toe and heeled” . If the glass is not toe and heeled back into the doors it can cause problems. Incorrect fitting can cause the doors to drop out of alignment and cause other issues.

DWLG sometime come across bifold doors which have been fitted with triple glazing. Triple glazing is very heavy and can cause a lot of pressure on your bifold doors. The pressure can make the doors misaligned more often. The extra force of the triple glazed glass can make your bifold parts wear quicker.

DWLG would not recommend the use of triple glazed glass on bifold doors. It can cause the doors to have issues more frequently due to the weight of the glass.

How long does it take to repair a bifold door.

The time it takes to repair a bifold door will differ from set to set.

Wooden doors typically take longer than Aluminium or upvc.

A 3 door bifold door set usually takes 1-2 hours to repair. Each additional door will add 30-45 min to the repair.


Bifolding door manufacturers.

When DWLG carry out bifold door repair is can be very important to know the manufacturer of the bifold door so we can make sure we have the correct replacement parts. There are many different manufacturers for bifold doors. The include…

Smart- Aluminium.

Sun paradise – Aluminium.

Sun flex – Timber and Aluminium.

Sunfold (Now bust and we can no longer obtain parts for)

ALU K – Aluminium.

Folding sliding doors – Timber and Aluminium.

Reynears – Aluminium.

Origin – Aluminium.

Duration – Aluminium.

Liniar – UVC.

Henderson’s – Timber.

Solar lux – Timber and Aluminium.

DWLG have a 5 star google rating. No one is more knowledgeable about bifold door repairs than us!

How much does it cost to get my Bi-folding Doors repaired?

Below you will find our price list for bifolding door repairs. If you have any broken hinges or locks then these parts may need to be a special order.

Bi-folding Door Repairs Price List

SI Bifold Door Repair Service
Bifold Door Repair

We have a search and discovery standard charge of £350.00, this includes repairing and re-aligning a 3 leaf bi-folding door set. New parts required will cost an additional amount depending on the price of the part.

Warmcore Bifold Door Repair Service
Additional Doors

Additional Doors Realigned, Repaired including Toe and Heel £58.00 each

Bi-folding Door Repairs Chiswick
Rubber Seal & Gaskets

Rubber Seals & Gaskets start from an additional £30.00 for each door.

Debar Bifold Door Repair Service
Bi-folding Door Handles

Replacing your Bi-folding Door Handle will cost from an additional £30.00 depending on the handle type.

Hautau Bifold Door Repair Service
Bi-folding Door Locks

Replacement Bi-folding Door Locks including Multi-Point and Shoot Bolt types start from an additional £120.00 each.

Origin Bifold Door Repair Service
Bi-folding Door Cylinder Locks

Replacement Keyed Euro and Oval Profile Cylinder Locks start from an additional £50.00 each. We supply and fit both standard and insurance approved Bi-folding Door Locks.

Bifolding Door Repairs Chiswick W4
Bi-folding Door Guide & Roller Hinge

Replacement Roller Hinges for Bi-folding Doors will be an additional cost, between £100-£180 per hinge although this varies by brand.

£100.00 – £180.00
bifold door repair
Bi-folding Door Transfer Bearings and Rollers

Transfer Rollers and Bearings cost an additional £90.00 each.


Replacement Parts for Bi-Folding Doors

A large selection of stock replacement bi-folding door parts available to be supplied and fitted on the same day.

We replace most brands of bi-folding door parts supplied by the leading manufacturers in the door industry, Installed by our specialist door engineers. Brands include…

Debar Broken Bi-folding Door Hinge

Debar bottom roller guide carriage hinge.

Debar Ltd


Hautau Bi-folding Door Lock

Hautau Espag with Locking Gearbox.

Supplier: DG Supplyline


Liniar Bottom Roller Bi-folding Door Hinge

Liniar Bottom Roller Bi-folding Door Hinge Runner.

Supplier: Liniar



Solarlux Bottom Corner Roller Hinge

Solarlux Bottom Corner Roller Hinge. This is also part of the aluminium door corner section.

Supplier: Solarlux Systems Ltd


Fenster Bifold Door Repair Service

Fenster Centre Gearbox for Shoot Bolt Non-Locking Mechanism on Bi-folding Door

Supplier: Window Ware


Eurocell Bifold Door Repair Service

Eurocell Bottom Roller Bi-folding Door Hinge.

Supplier: Grabex Windows



Duration Replacement Bi-folding Door handle

Duration Door Handle.

Supplier: Duration

Replacement Sunflex Bifold Door Lock

Supplier: Sunflex


Sunflex bi-folding door lock with or without tongue for both traffic and intermediate bi-folding doors by Sunflex

Reynaers Bifolding Door Bottom Roller Hinge

Supplier: Reynaers


Reynaers bi-folding door parts suppllied and fitted.

Sun Paradise Replacement Bifold Door Hinge
Sun Pardise

We repair Sun Paradise Bi-folding Doors. Supply and fit replacement parts for Sun Paradise Bifold doors.

Supplier: Sun Paradise

FSD Folding Sliding Door Top Roller Hinge
FSD – Folding Sliding Doors

FSD Folding Sliding Doors repaired. Replacement parts for FSD Folding Sliding Doors.

Supplier: FSD – Folding Sliding Doors

Origin Bifolding Door Top Roller Hinge

We repair Origin Bi-folding Doors. Parts for Origin Bifold doors supplied and fitted.

Supplier: Origin


Smart Bifolding Door Bottom Roller Hinge

We repair Smart Systems Bi-folding Doors. We also supply and fit replacement parts for Smart Bifold doors.

Supplier: Smart

Schuco Bifold Door Bottom Roller Hinge

We repair Schuco Folding and Sliding Doors. We also supply and fit replacement parts for Schuco Bifold Doors.

Supplier: Schuco

AluK Bifolding Door Bottom Roller Hinge

We repair AluK Bi-folding Doors. We also supply and fit replacement parts for AluK Bifold doors.

Supplier: Aluk


Some bi-folding door parts are constructed by European manufacturers, these parts will take longer to arrive once ordered.

Unknown Bi-Folding Door Brands

We are continuing to update our database of replacement parts for Bi-folding Doors, here are some of the Bi-folding Door brands that we currently do not have a supplier for.

If you have one of these Door types and know who the manufacturer is then please send us an email with any details that you can provide, thank you.

We can still Repair these Bi-Folding Doors, we just cannot get replacement parts for them.

Area’s Covered by our bifold Door Repair Service

Below you can find a list of the areas covered by DWLG.

If your area is not listed but is in or around London, Surrey or Kent then please feel free to give us a call to see if we can help.

We have travelled into the Hampshire and Essex areas to provide our bifold door repair service.

Bifold door repairs London

London Borough of Croydon
  • Croydon CR0
  • South Croydon CR2
  • Caterham and Whyteleafe CR3
  • Mitcham CR4
  • Coulsdon CR5
  • Warlingham CR6
  • Thornton Heath CR7
  • Kenley and Purley CR8
London Borough of Sutton
  • Sutton SM1
  • Belmont, South Sutton, South Cheam and East Ewell SM2
  • North Cheam and Stonecot Hill SM3
  • Morden SM4
  • Carshalton SM5
  • Wallington SM6
  • Banstead SM7









London Borough of Bromley
  • Bromley BR1
  • Keston,
  • Hayes,
  • Shortlands, Bickley and Bromley Common BR2
  • Beckenham BR3
  • West Wickham BR4
  • Orpington BR5
  • Orpington, Locksbottom and Farnborough BR6
  • Chislehurst BR7
  • Swanley BR8
London Battersea
  • SW11 Head district
  • SW12 Balham
  • SW13 Barnes
  • SW14 Mortlake
  • SW15 Putney
  • SW16 Streatham
  • SW17 Tooting
  • SW18 Wandsworth
  • SW19 Wimbledon
  • SW20 West Wimbledon
London Borough of Twickenham
  • TW1 Twickenham
  • TW2 Twickenham
  • TW3 Hounslow
  • TW4 Hounslow
  • TW5 Hounslow
  • TW6 Hounslow
  • TW7 Isleworth
  • TW8 Brentford
  • TW9 Richmond
  • TW10 Richmond
  • TW11 Teddington
  • TW12 Hampton
  • TW13 Feltham
  • TW14 Feltham
  • TW15 Ashford
  • TW16 Sunbury-on-Thames
  • TW17 Shepperton
  • TW18 Staines-upon-Thames
  • TW19 Staines-upon-Thames
  • TW20 Egham
London South East
  • SE1 Head district
  • SE2 Abbey Wood
  • SE3 Blackheath
  • SE4 Brockley
  • SE5 Camberwell
  • SE6 Catford
  • SE7 Charlton
  • SE8 Deptford
  • SE9 Eltham
  • SE10 Greenwich
  • SE11 Kennington
  • SE12 Lee
  • SE13 Lewisham
  • SE14 New Cross
  • SE15 Peckham
  • SE16 Rotherhithe
  • SE17 Walworth
  • SE18 Woolwich
  • SE19 Norwood
  • SE20 Anerley
  • SE21 Dulwich
  • SE22 East Dulwich
  • SE23 Forest Hill
  • SE24 Herne Hill
  • SE25 South Norwood
  • SE26 Sydenham
  • SE27 West Norwood
  • SE28 Thamesmead
Kingston upon Thames
  • KT1 Kingston upon the Thames
  • KT2 Kingston upon the Thames
  • KT3 New Malden
  • KT4 Worcester Park
  • KT5 Surbiton
  • KT6 Surbiton
  • KT7 Thames Ditton
  • KT8 West Molesey
  • KT9 Chessington
  • KT10 Esher
  • KT11 Cobham
  • KT12 Walton-on-Thames
  • KT13 Weybridge
  • KT14 West Byfleet
  • KT15 Addlestone
  • KT16 Chertsey
  • KT17 Epsom
  • KT18 Epsom
  • KT19 Epsom
  • KT20 Tadworth
  • KT21 Ashtead
  • KT22 Leatherhead
  • KT23 Leatherhead
  • KT24 Leatherhead
  • SW1 Head district
  • SW2 Brixton
  • SW3 Chelsea
  • SW4 Clapham
  • SW5 Earls Court
  • SW6 Fulham
  • SW7 South Kensington
  • SW8 South Lambeth
  • SW9 Stockwell
  • SW10 West Brompton
London West
  • W1 Head district
  • W2 Kensington & Chelsea
  • W3 Hammersmith & Fulham
  • W4 Hounslow
  • W5 Ealing
  • W6 Fulham
  • W7 Hanwell
  • W8 Camden
  • W9 Brent
  • W10 Westminster
  • W11 Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham
  • W12 Hammersmith and Fulham
  • W13 Ealing
  • W14 Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea

Bifold door repairs Kent

Latest Bifold Door Repair Work